Test version proof of concept single player coin roll out.

The Approach

The vision is to incorporate a game into a crypto currency wallet. The structure of the game has been proven and the wallet has been created. Now is the time to bring the two together.

Meet the Team

I started this whole mess, lol. And the rest is history as more and more people are joining in the movement.

Edward Nolan

Idealist & Developer

Feel free to test out the player vs player single player game version. It is this version that will first show up in the wallet. With this version players, and masternodes will get an advantage over Asic miners. That’s the concept anyway.

The game is best played in Firefox right now. Click here to test it out.

Next Step…

After the initial marketing phase is over this year, next year will be all about finishing the work in the wallet for the next release which will have the single player version of the game inside.