This Will Favor Masternodes

Currently people can mine blocks using their CPU’s through pool mining. If you have an asic miner then this is currently for you too.

Masternodes and PVP coins is a win win situation. Masternode owners have to lock up 888 PVP coins to be eligible to earn 54% of a block that is mined. It’s a competition just like stake mining.

When the game is finished, and installed into the wallet, blocks will be produced at a faster rate. That’s the concept anyway. So Imagine hundreds of blocks or more being produced in minutes. Masternode owners will finally outpace even the asic miners.

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Get The Windows Wallet Here

Windows Wallet

Simply Download this into a folder on your desktop and then run the setup to start your PVP wallet. Secure your computer and wallet.

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Windows Bitlocker Image
Windows Masternode Wallet

Windows Daemon Wallet

Meet the masternode wallet for windows. Download this wallet and follow the video below to take yourself to the next level.

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This is your Linux Wallet

Linux PVP Coin Wallet

If you are running your own virtual machine then this is for you. Be sure to secure your drive and wallet for peace of mind.

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Ubuntu Desktop
Use Inside Ubuntu

Linux Daemon Wallet

This masternode is already compiled and ready to use in your virtual machine running Ubuntu.

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Nothing but ones and zero’s

Download Source Code

Are you a compiler? Awesome, you can get the source code from here and have fun with it.

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Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Wallet

Raspberry Pi Wallet

This little thing is a beast and if you many of them then you really are awesome.

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Player Vs Player Coin is an ongoing project with a proven proof of concept.