The Future of Games & Advertising
It’s all about to change, and PVP is starting to shape it.

Play the test version of the game here.







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Real use case. Become a part of an adventure in gaming as well as marketing. Everyone owns it, not just one person.

Why PVP?

Proven track record. Proven steps forward.  Because PVP is big and needs you, as much as you need PVP.


How Can You Help …

PlayerVsPlayerCoin gives everyone in the world access to the game hosting account. The purpose for this is to truly make PlayerVsPlayerCoin a community effort. The code for the entire game is made freely available. The game currently plays correctly as envisioned and mines coins into the ‘Unconfirmed’ section of the blockchain wallet.

What the game needs now is the blockchain to be built out further. The game currently mines using CPU; small amounts of coins as players wager. Coins are also mined at the end of each hand even if the player does not make a wager during a hand of play.

The help needed now is to allow the coins to move into the ‘Pending’ phase and finally the ‘Spendable’ phase. 

The game also needs wallet addresses that have played the game, as well as mined coins to not only be stored on the blockchain, but also into the MySql database. The reason is due to the fact that no coins are actually being saved, and anyone logging out or leaving the game play area looses all test coins they created. 

The game also needs the ability to transfer coins from wallet address to wallet address.

Please do not change the way the game currently plays. It plays correctly and any edits may effect the way it plays. The current Javascript files are copyright of Edward Nolan and may not be edited fro game play. If you see any errors in the way the game plays, and want to make a change please post your edit idea so it can be reviewed by the community before we decide to make a correction to Edwards files. You may download a complete copy of the game, and work offline or work live. 

You are free to add functions into the main Javascript game file for the purpose of building out the blockchain functions and or any PHP code needed to secure the games play, coins, and hacks as needed. 

The intention here is to still allow people to play test the game during the build out so they can witness the additions live as they take place over time. People are free to start adding in game banners also to advertise anything they want.

There is also an entire advertising structure that has been started. You are also free to build this out making it more dynamic for the public. To access the game and play it, and check out what has already been built join/login here.